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Vintage Air University

Cool Install: Modern Rodding’s Streamline Heater Install

Check out this article in Modern Rodding where the team installs one of our Streamline Heaters in a Ford Model A Roadster. Thanks to our friends at Modern Rodding as […]

Vintage Air Launches Its New Generation of Performance Climate-Control Systems

The new electronically-controlled Gen 5 Magnum and Super Magnum Climate-Control Systems debut industry-first features and OEM quality for builders looking to add modern air conditioning and heating to custom hot […]

Tech Topic: LS Balancer Dimensions

With a straight edge placed across the front of the balancer; measure to the machined surface of the balancer.  

Tech Topic: How Do I Calibrate My Gen IV 3-Lever/Knob Control Panel?

Preliminary Information On Vintage Air Gen IV systems using factory controls, the control panel will need to be calibrated to ensure proper function. The following procedure will work when calibrating […]

Tech Topic: How Do I Troubleshoot My System?

The following guide will help the installer determine if a problem that would cause a malfunction exists in the system. If you are experiencing problems in the physical operation of […]

Tech Topic: What are the Dimensions and Characteristics of the #6, #8 and #10 O-Rings Supplied with My System?

When you receive your air conditioning components from Vintage Air, O-rings will be included for use with all fittings, hardlines and A/C hoses. Seated in a groove, these tiny rubber […]

Tech Topic: How Do I Measure, Cut and Install My Duct Hoses?

Duct hoses are an essential part of your Vintage Air system. The duct hose transports the air from the blower in the evaporator sub case to the vents […]

Tech Topic: Is an Electric Compressor a Good Option for My Hot Rod?

Over the years, we have received a number of questions regarding electric compressors, and whether or not they are available through Vintage Air. Since the 1990s, our engineers have tested […]

How to Air Condition Your Hot Rod

This updated edition of the original book, written back in 1993,not only tells you how to plan an install, but gives you the understanding and basic knowledge about a complete […]