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acbkcvrThis updated edition of the original book, written back in 1993,not only tells you how to plan an install, but gives you the understanding and basic knowledge about a complete air conditioning system. This book explains the science of the refrigerant, the importance of insulation, and how controlling humidity and heat levels inside the car affects the overall function of an air conditioning system. This eleven chapter, 144-page book explains about the major components that make up a complete air conditioning system, along with planning a complete system install. The installs start with planning a layout and an understanding as to where to mount each component. There’s even a section that explains how to make sure you have a large enough radiator with optimal air flow to ensure proper functioning of your air conditioning. Three complete installs are outlined in this book, including installing air conditioning in a traditional street rod, muscle car, and a pick-up truck install. These installations are step-by-step from installing the condenser in front of the radiator, mounting the compressor and compressor bracket, hose routing, installing the evaporator behind the dash, and installing or modifying existing controls. This 30,000 word, easy-to-understand, 350 color photo book is a must have for any automotive enthusiast interested in learning about and understanding automotive air conditioning and the proper way to install a complete system.