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Preliminary Information

On Vintage Air Gen IV systems using factory controls, the control panel will need to be calibrated to ensure proper function. The following procedure will work when calibrating Gen IV control panels with 3 levers or knobs (Blower Speed, Mode, Temperature), and may be repeated as many times as necessary to get it right.

Before beginning, attach the white jumper supplied with your control panel kit to a suitable chassis ground within easy connection distance to the gray programming wire located in the main Gen IV wiring harness next to the compressor relay.


Calibration Procedure

1. Turn on the ignition switch (do not start the engine).


2. Move the (3) control panel levers or knobs to the following positions:

  1. Blower Speed: HIGH
  2. Mode: DEFROST
  3. Temperature: HOT


3. Connect the white jumper wire to the gray program wire. Wait for the blower speed to momentarily change (approximately 5 seconds).


4. Move the (3) control panel levers or knobs to the following positions:

  1. Blower Speed: LOW
  2. Mode: DASH
  3. Temperature: COLD


5. Disconnect the white jumper wire from the gray program wire. The blower speed will momentarily change again, indicating completion of the calibration procedure.





6. Confirm proper operation of the controls. Repeat the procedure if necessary. When finished, tape over the program wire connector with electrical tape to prevent accidental contact with chassis ground.


For additional Gen IV 3-knob/lever control panel calibration information, click here to check out our control panel calibration video.