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Tech Tip LogoWhen you receive your air conditioning components from Vintage Air, O-rings will be included for use with all fittings, hardlines and A/C hoses. Seated in a groove, these tiny rubber rings are compressed as two parts are fastened together, thereby creating a seal at the joint.


O-rings are used in numerous applications, from faucet cartridges to spacecraft. They are made of various materials and they come in many sizes. While two O-rings of a certain size may look similar, they are not necessarily the same. The O-rings supplied with your Vintage Air system are specifically designed to seal components in A/C systems using R-134a refrigerant. Made of highly saturated nitrile, also known as hydrogenated nitrile, they possess the heat, ozone, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, and mechanical characteristics necessary for optimum performance.


O-rings supplied by Vintage Air will be labeled as #6, #8 or #10. Vintage Air adopted these designations to make it easier for the installer to determine which O-ring corresponds to which part. For example, a #6 O-ring will fit a #6 fitting, hardline or hose.


Vintage Air components are shipped with all of the O-rings required for installation, but occasionally a situation may arise where additional O-rings are needed. While you can always order O-rings directly from Vintage Air, should you choose to purchase them from a local supplier, we have provided the information below to help you choose the proper dimensions and characteristics. The table includes the applicable SAE AS568C specifications, as well as the corresponding Vintage Air part numbers.


O-ring Chart