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Posted by Nathan Espinosa on Feb 16th 2021

The Vintage Air big-block compressor, power steering add-on, and alternator bracket kits are a direct-fit solution for adding air conditioning to classic Ford applications. Vintage Air, the leading manufacturer of complete performance air conditioning systems for classics, trucks, hot rods, and street rods, has announced the release of six new bracket kits for big-block Ford 351M-400 and 429-460 engines. These kits include compressor brackets and OEM, Saginaw, and T.C. (Type II) power steering add-on brackets for 351M-400 and 429-460 big-block Ford engines. Additionally, an Alternator Low Mount Bracket Kit for 429-460 big-block Ford engines is available. The Ford 351M-400 and 429-460 Compressor Bracket Kits are simple and economical solutions to get Ford-powered classics air-conditioned without having to source hard-to-find OEM brackets. There are three different power steering pump add-on kits available for big-block Ford 351M, 400, 429, and 460 engines – OEM, Saginaw and T.C. (Type II). Each add-on kit requires Vintage Air compressor bracket kit 137000 or 137020 for mounting. The OEM Power Steering Add-on Kit supports Ford pumps from 1965–‘96 and requires pulley D0OR-B or D0AR-A. The Saginaw Power Steering Add-on Kit requires a Dorman 300-122 single-groove pulley due to the larger shaft size or equivalent pulley. A Ford pulley could also be bored out to 0.746-inch to fit the shaft. The Ford T.C. (Type II) Power Steering Add-on Kit works with Vintage Air part number 851001 integral reservoir or 851002 remote reservoir pumps. For Ford T.C. (Type II) Power Steering Add-on Kits, the power steering pulley is designed for a pump with a .6647-inch O.D. shaft. Some modification or re-plumbing of the pressure and return lines may be required to retrofit to some engines. Hardline 852000 is recommended for the pressure side. The Ford Low Mount Alternator Bracket Kit is only available for 429-460 engines. [gallery ids="3147,3146,3145,3142,3144,3143"] All Ford bracket kits come with all necessary hardware included. It’s recommended to measure all pulleys to get the proper length V-belt for your application due to the wide range of accessory options and pulley diameters available.