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Posted by Ryan Zwicker on Mar 1st 2017

toyota-fj-gen-iv-complete-system Vintage Air, the inventors of performance air conditioning for everything from trucks to modern supercars, is excited to announce its new Gen IV SureFit air conditioning and heating system for the 1968-1983 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40. This new Gen IV SureFit kit will allow owners of the vintage Land Cruisers to easily bolt-in a modern climate control system with fully electronic controls without any major modifications to their vehicle. The Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 is famous for its reliability, strength, and off-road ability thanks to the Japanese approach to engineering that focuses on the relentless pursuit of perfection. The no-nonsense FJ40 was produced for the United States for over a decade and is still revered for its off-road prowess today. While the FJ40 is highly capable off-road, many of them lack creature comforts that consumers expect in their vehicles today including air conditioning. Vintage Air’s newest Gen IV SureFit kit alleviates that problem by providing FJ40 owners with a rugged bolt-in, electronic climate control system that includes everything you need to be comfortable while out on the trail or cruising down the street. Vintage Air’s Gen IV kit features numerous improvements over the previous system including a larger condenser assembly, a redesigned compressor mounting bracket with the added availability of pulleys and an optional high-output alternator. The durable new Gen IV evaporator design dramatically improves heating, cooling, and cabin air delivery, and the electronic control system replaces those problematic mechanical cables with modern electronic rotary potentiometer controls. These controls provide variable fan speed, dash/floor/defrost air blend and adjustable temperature control. The Gen IV system incorporates separate cooling and heating coils with a blend air door for “just right” temperatures, and all Gen IV systems also feature a microprocessor controlled ECU. This “electronic brain” not only allows for precise control of the Gen IV’s door stepper motors, but it also monitors the internal A/C coil temperature with a thermistor, eliminating the need for a traditional thermostat and capillary tube, simplifying installation and operation. Optional Proline controls and louvers (available separately) add a level of customization. The Gen IV SureFit air conditioning system for the 1968-1983 U.S.-spec Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 models is available both as a Complete Kit (Part Number 941200) and as an Evaporator Kit (Part Numbers 751200) for those customers that have already installed under-hood components. Vintage Air climate control systems are Made in the USA, include parts necessary for a standard installation, and are backed by a three-year warranty against defects.