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Posted by Ryan Zwicker on Dec 31st 2016

vintage-air-170-amp-alternator-for-front-runner-systems Vintage Air, the leading manufacturer of complete performance air conditioning systems for classics, hot rods and street rods, has announced the release of its all-new 170-Amp Proline Alternator for its Front Runner billet accessory drive systems. This alternator is a bolt-in replacement for the previous 140-amp single wire alternator and also now comes standard with every new Front Runner kit. For a stock vehicle, a high output alternator isn’t typically needed. However, with a custom-built street rod running a unique combination of accessories such as a high-end stereo system or air-ride suspension, or a race vehicle with an array of on-board electronics, the electrical load of all these accessories can quickly add up and you will find yourself needing a higher-amperage alternator to handle the increased load. Now with Vintage Air’s 170-Amp Proline Alternator you are able to run more accessories without worrying about overburdening your charging system and having it fail. The 170-Amp Proline Alternator is Vintage Air’s newest and most powerful alternator – outputting nearly as many amps at idle (120A) as its predecessor did peak. Vintage Air’s 170-Amp Proline Alternator is engineered to be a bolt-in replacement for any vehicle with a Front Runner system and is available in two styles – a single-wire “Hairpin” design with internal fan and a single wire for Ford Front Runner Systems. Each version is embossed with a classic “Vintage Air” logo and comes in three different finishes, standard (Part Numbers 042907 and 042914), polished (Part Numbers 042908 and 042915), and chrome (Part Numbers 042909 and 042917). The alternator can be purchased individually to upgrade an existing kit or, for those who purchase a complete Front Runner system, the new 170-amp alternator will be included with the kit. Vintage Air 170-Amp Proline Alternators are Made in the USA, come with all parts necessary for a complete installation, and are backed by a two-year warranty against defects.