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Posted by Nick Avgeres on Jul 26th 2019

a-righteous-roadtrip-continues-for-sweet-patina-a-57-chevy-wagon-with-a-purpose-2019-05-14_16-55-34_221780                                   One of the unique aspects of the car community is its ability to unify and transcend beyond cars, to have profound impacts on people, places, or things that have little to no relation to anything automotive. Blake Evans, a fellow Texan and long-time hot rodder is leveraging this very unity of the community to do just that as he attempts to travel the lower 48 US states in his 1957 Chevy 210 Wagon while raising $100,000 for ALS, commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. Immediately upon hearing about Blake’s mission we knew this was something we wanted to get behind and support. For one, driving around the United States without proper air-conditioning in a classic Chevy did not sound like a pleasant experience, so we set Blake and his Chevy wagon up with a Sure Fit system to keep cool. But more importantly, this was a chance to help showcase the great power the car community has to make positive changes in the world. As of today, Blake has traveled to 29 states and raised over $10,000 dollars with contributions to 7 of the 26 ALC Chapters across the United Stated. He met with the ALS Association of Northern Ohio on his last trip and has plans to meet the Greater Chicago, Indiana, Rocky Mountain, Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota chapters on his next leg. If you’re interested in following Blake and his Chevy’s journey or getting involved, you can find more info at Blake also posts content from the road on Instagram (@sweetpatinaroadtrip) and on Facebook.