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Fuel Curve’s 1987 Suburban Gets a Cool Upgrade

Posted by Nathan Espinosa on Sep 22nd 2022

The team at Fuel Curve documented their experience installing our 1981-87 Chevrolet Pickup Gen IV SureFit Complete Kit (Part # 944181) on their 1987 GMC Suburban. Our Chevrolet Pickup SureFit Complete Kits are available for trucks that were equipped with factory air conditioning and those that were not.   The kit is engineered to fit all vehicles on the C/K platform, including C10s, K5 Blazers, Jimmys and Suburbans. This is the perfect solution if your truck's factory AC gave up the ghost, if you want increased performance or if your vehicle never had factory air conditioning and you’re tired of sweating on its interior. Another factor in Fuel Curve’s decision for the conversion is that Vintage Air climate-control systems use the modern standard R134a refrigerant, whereas the 1987 GMC’s factory AC system ran the now-defunct R12 refrigerant. International manufacturing of R12 refrigerant ended in the mid-1990s, so the owner went for the Vintage Air upgrade instead of converting the ‘Burb’s factory system to R134a refrigerant.   If you’re looking to upgrade your classic ride’s aging air-conditioning system, or if you’re just ready to add some comfort to it, check out our website to see what we have for your model. We have engineered SureFit Complete Kits for hundreds of model years of different makes. If we don’t currently have a SureFit Kit for your vehicle, give us a call, and we can help you find out what parts will fit.   Stay cool, and click here to check out Fuel Curve’s 1987 GMC Suburban install!