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Posted by Nick Avgeres on Nov 28th 2018

20181019_203924 At the risk of completely dating ourselves, many of us at Vintage Air have been hot rodding for well over half a century and working in the aftermarket industry for upwards of four decades. What started as passion has become more than a career, but rather a lifestyle, a lifestyle that we can only hope is carried forward for generations to come. Fortunately, programs such as the Freedom High School Auto Club are doing their part to foster students love of all things automotive by providing an opportunity to learn and gain experience in all aspects of the car world. Under the guidance of their Automotive and Collision Repair Instructor, Jay Arbitz, a group of students begin the exciting journey of restoring the original cab of the 1951 Chevy pickup they generously received as a donation from a member of their local community, in preparation to showcase the finished product at the SEMA Show 2018. With rat rod styling in mind, the crew set out to update the truck and we knew this was a project we had to be a part of! Check out some photos of the build process from start to finish below: